I strive to design enjoyable user-centric products that 
solve problems and utilize current trends.
Artist Volunteer, Int'l Folk Art Festival, Santa Fe, NM, US
Artist Volunteer, Int'l Folk Art Festival, Santa Fe, NM, US
Please email me:  megansauerdesign[at]gmail.com
There’s nothing worse than bad design, something that is hard to use or doesn’t solve a problem. In these scenarios, I often find myself wondering, “why was this done this way?", "did they not test first?". Then I move onto problem solving and what I would do to improve it. Why make something if it’s not truly useful? On the same token, why not make it visual appealing and enjoyable to use? Customers want that and your business will benefit from it. 
Clean, easy to navigate and intuitive interfaces. I prefer clean and simple because I aim to reduce the amount of "noise" happening so I don't lose the user. I want to help them focus on the goal they are trying to achieve with the product.
During a challenge at my last job, I got the opportunity to collaborate with co-workers to come up with new product ideas. One of those people was the Sr. UX Designer. After pooling our ideas, creating user stories and prioritizing the “must have” features, we watched him prototype our vision. I was so inspired seeing him bring it all to life. I immediately knew I wanted to get back into computer design. 
5 months later I was in the UI Design course with CareerFoundry where I gained industry-leading UI and UX skills through 500+ hours of training using tools and processes necessary to be successful. I have designed apps for both iOS and Android native OS such as: recipe, note taking, messaging, classifieds, self-improvement and e-comm and I’ve applied responsive design techniques to enable a cohesive brand and experience across devices.
My professional background started in apparel design with a focus on CAD using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I held roles as a Colorist, CAD Designer and an Accessories Designer. From there, life moved me over to administration where I worked in tech as an Administrative Assistant at Microsoft and then as an Executive Assistant for a SaaS startup. My experience in these all of these fields has helped me utilize my passion for design and for helping to make others lives easier. User Interface and User Experience design has given me a venue to combine these traits and create great user friendly experiences.
In my spare time you can find me doing things that bring me joy and inspiration: paddle boarding, gardening, traveling, photography, hiking/camping, volunteering, cooking new dishes with friends and discovering new music.
I would love to hear from you!
Please email me at: megansauerdesign[at]gmail.com
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